European Vortex Earrings in Argentium® Silver

European Vortex Earrings in Argentium® Silver


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This listing is for one pair of finished, ready to wear earrings.   If you would like this in a kit, please visit our kits page.

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European Vortex Earrings in Argentium® Silver

My European Vortex earrings, suspended from handmade Argentium silver ear wires, are handmade by me using beautiful Argentium sterling silver, woven together one jump ring at a time.

Each earring measures just over 1 3/4″ in from the bottom of the ear wire and each earring weighs just over 4 grams.

The jewelry creation featured here is made from my hand coiled and cut Argentium® silver.
Argentium® Silver is a modern silver, which modifies the traditional sterling silver (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) by replacing most of the copper with the germanium. The addition of germanium makes Argentium® silver highly tarnish resistant.  It is a whiter, brighter silver, that is my opinion looks more like white gold than silver.  Argentium® silver is more expensive than traditional sterling silver … but in my opinion, well worth it!  An occasional rinse with a Dawn dish soap and water is all that is needed to keep this jewelry creation looking new for years to come!

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO view the additional picture, show with this listing, that will clearly show you the difference between Argentium® silver and traditional sterling silver.  In the picture, the Argentium® sterling silver side is still bright and shiny while the traditional sterling side is tarnishing.  Argentium® 930 sterling silver is highly tarnish-resistant. Jewelry-makers and customers alike appreciate the value and convenience of beautifully sparkling jewelry that requires no polishing. An occasional rinse with a Dawn dish soap and water is all that is needed.


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